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Xaerus Coatings UV Technology

UV cure technology offers solvent free fast drying times without sacrficing hardess, chemical protection and finish. This technology also offers increased production speed and efficiencies and an overall smaller manufacturing foot print. This distinctive technology utilizes photoinitiators and UV cureable oligimers to provide high speed drying, no VOC emmissions and the highest quality finishes.

UV Application Advantages:

  • Curing speed. Using UV technology, coatings can be cured in minutes compared to hours or days curing for epoxies and polyurethanes. Results: increase production speed by increasing output; reduction of manufacturing footprint.
  • Performance. Equal or better mechanical protection when compared to epoxy and polyurethane paints. Better anticorrosion protection compared to epoxies, powders, and polyurethane paints.
  • Non-polluting. No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): free of solvents.
  • Environment and Worker Safety. Contains no solvents, chromium, lead, isocyanates or chemicals included on the toxic release inventory. Reduced fire hazard from release of flammable solvents.
  • UV Curing Options. Curing can be achieved using hand-held UV lamps for on-site structures or automated and integrated into virtually any production application.
  • 100% Solids. When compared to the average 30 – 70% solids of the typical polyurethane and epoxy competitors allowing more area per gallon of coverage and eliminating the risk of solvent entrapment
  • One-part system. No blending or mixing of multiple components prior to use. Reduces risks of mistakes, and eliminates time restrictions for getting the coating applied within a certain amount of time.
  • Long POT Life that can exceed 6 months. No solvents or other components allows for quick stirring prior to application.
  • No Ovens, Acid Wash, or Other Costly Processes. Simple process: Surface prep, apply the coating, and cure with the UV curing lamps; eliminating preheating or forced curing
  • Cost Competitive. Fast curing, lower labor costs to apply, faster drying time.
  • Improved Performance. Lab tests for abrasion have shown they are at least three times more durable than standard epoxy or urethane coatings.